Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania - East Of Lake Victoria Diocese had a privilege to hold a joint supportive supervision with President's Office and Local Government (PO-RALG), Ministry of Community Development, Gender, Women and Special Groups (MOCDGWSG) and Mwanza Regional/Council Health Management Team at kwimba District on Tuesday 04/06/2024. The purpose of the visit is to assess progress of the USAID Kizazi Hodari Northeastern activity implementation and government engagement. The visit included courtesy visit to Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS) Office, Regional Medical Officer (RMO's Office), DED's Office, Health facilities ward's offices, Hazina Yetu groups, Community Case Workers and beneficiary's households. The team recognized the utmost commitment and collaborative efforts done by the project and implementing partners (ELCT and ELCT-ELVD). Also the team had time to discuss the identified best practices and challenges, finally ways forward were recommended and actions to be undertaken by different parties responsible.