The advocacy activity was initiated by ELCT Head Quarters and Mwanza was selected as pilot area. In 2012, ELVD established the section under Gender and Development Department responsible for advocacy and started intervention in Mwanza and Mara regions. The main objective was to reduce the level of violence in the community and to serve people who lose their rights and abused in the society. In consultation with Mwanza Municipal council (the current Mwanza city), Bugogwa ward in Igombe was identified as the area to start with. Based on the results and impacts of the activity, the intervention was expanded to Ukerewe and Ushirombo where community members experience similar challenges.

This advocacy section became more viable in serving the community when established advocacy desk/advocacy committees in the community. The committees involve religious leader, influential people,

appointed teachers, traditional leaders and representative of agencies working in the area. This approach creates sense of ownership of the activity by the community and is more sustainable while ELCT-East of Lake Victoria Diocese remains a guardian, consultant and facilitator of these advocacy committees. The ELVD strengthened the capacities of the committees by organizing Training of Trainers and conducting seminar to committee members and church district coordinators.