To have capable and confident special groups in the church and in the community to serve God and the society

Empower 8000 women to fulfill their Christian and family responsibilities

  1. Ensure Women are aware of their rights and are advocating for them and protecting their rights
  2. Train and Sensitize Women on leadership, skills Confidence building and advocate on Various Acts affecting them
  3. To empower Women participating for leadership positions and has power to make decision
  4. Strengthening section activities by;
  5. Conduct leadership seminar to women sub parishes, parishes and church district coordinators
  6. Coordinate women meetings
  7. Conduct 15 seminars in all 7 church districts on Entrepreneurship and VICOBA
  8. Coordinate 5 Women World prayer meetings
  9. Coordinate 5 ELVD Women services
  10. Conduct 2 women seminars
  11. Conduct 1 widows seminar
  12. Acquire 5 acres of land for construction of women Centre
  13. Participate in ELCT Women meetings/forums


Ev. Miriam Daffa