Established in 2015


To ensure the needy, physically and mentally challenged people in 62 parishes are served with necessary human needs.


1.Coordinate Deacon services in all parishes

2. Recruit 7 coordinators for all 7 Church District of the diocese

3.Conduct 5 per year seminars to 120 people so to empower them with Diakonie services knowledge (Select 2 people from each parish)

4. Conduct 70 follow up visits to all Church District by 2023 to strengthen implementation of Diakonie services  

5. Educate 20 caretakers (Parents), 3 times a year on proper knowledge of disability and mental illness

6. Conduct 15 trainings to 20 caretakers 9 parents on entrepreneurship for economic empowerment .

7. Support 20 disabled children with education fees, materials and wheelchairs 


Esther Lema ,0758 149 880,