Education section ensures efficient provision of secular education service in the diocese, which adhere to Christian ethics and values. Regarding registration of educational institutions such as colleges, Kindergarten, primary and secondary schools Mwanza and Malya Lutheran secondary schools, the section started registration procedure. The procedure includes preparation of college/school write –up and follows registration procedures from district to the ministry of education. The section has the task of advising parishes and sub parishes to start schools or motivate those intended to start schools.

  • To advice 03 parishes which don’t run schools to start and run kindergarten schools, and 01 parish to start primary school as well as advise on sustainably management of schools 
  • To coordinate registration and advice management of Mwanza and Malya Lutheran secondary schools. 
  • Employment and pay salary to 48 academic and 08 non -academic staff 
  • To co-ordinate education within ELVD and ensure compliance with ministry of education and ELVD. 
  •  To purchase 1936 text and reference books for 44 subjects and 640 students of form I –IV and 40% laboratory facilities.
  • To purchase chairs and tables for students 640  
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