General Objective

Violence in the region Mwanza/Geita is reduced by the facilitation of protective communities.


Specific Objectives


i.                People traumatized by violence have access to psychological and pastoral counselling.


ii.              Employees of the diocese are able to conduct workshops for the prevention of violence


iii.            Pastors, evangelists and other employees of the parishes have extended abilities in counselling and put an emphasis on the prevention of domestic and traditional violence.


iv.            Victims of violence have access to qualified pastoral counselling and trauma psychotherapy


v.              In the diocese there is a safe home for children and youths with albinism, who cannot be protected from killings and maiming at their homes



vi.            The counterpart-person is able to continue the work for the overall objective 


i.                Recruitment and Hiring of counselling center staff to work closely with the seconded expert.-  


ii.              Complete construction and registration of the counselling center.-


iii.            Conduct  35 seminars  for pastors and evangelists of the diocese on:

a.       awareness for and knowledge needed to prevent/reduce domestic and traditional violence and 


b.       knowledge and skills for counselling of victims of violence.


iv.            Offer  6 month training course on psychological counselling

Dorah Mlaki